You’re welcome to send a truck if you’d like. Some customers do.

We’ve got access to as many good drivers in top notch trucks as we could hope for though.

Sale barn calves from TN and AL ship Thursday and land Friday morning. We ask for a bank wire the day the cattle land.

The day the cattle ship we make a bill then take a picture of it. We usually text it to the customer, but will gladly email to you and your banker if you’d like.

We buy sale barn calves Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Occasionally I can buy a load from Tennessee in 1 day.

Pre-Vac Cattle from Missouri take 2 days.

Weaned cattle and bawlers from Kansas, usually 1 day.

If we buy them the way they come through the ring, they’ll end up 2/3-3/4 black, most of the rest will be Charx, and there is usually a handful of reds. Our standard number 1 order is no Limousines or Herefords. If you like them, they will usually cheapen a load up a dollar or 2.

While we put your calves together your calves are in 15-30 acre grass traps. They get a mixed ration with 20 Lbs, of CTC/ton.

Yes, we process 40-50% of the loads we ship. The cost for that is $1.50/hd, and the cost of the medicine.